CINA Overview

Chinese Information and Networking Association (CINA) is a leading non-profit organization established in 1992, formed by a group of Chinese professionals from the network computing industry. Today, with more than 23,000+ members, CINA is one of the most active and fastest growing professional associations in Silicon Valley . CINA focuses its energy on performing member services that are consistent with our mission by assembling a talented and experienced board, exceeding members' expectations by continually providing quality speakers and seminars.

CINA further distinguishes itself by creating specialized themes every year based on top trends in the industry. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are smaller networking groups of CINA members who share interest in a specific domain. CINA formed eight Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the areas of Back-to-Asia, Entrepreneur, Multimedia, People-2-People Networking, Software, Wireless, Telecom/Networking, and Women In Business.

CINA brings together a diverse group of professionals consisting not only Chinese but also people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a forum facilitating engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives (CEOs, CTOs, VPs, directors and managers), angel investor and venture capitalists to share innovative ideas, and to connect with opportunities.

CINA is funded through corporate sponsorships and member subscriptions. Sponsors benefit from a variety of activities organized by CINA. CINA has been recognized as a top influential organization for generating publicity in the high-tech community through e-mails, newspapers, television and radio programs.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are smaller networking groups of CINA members who share interest in a specific domain. Currently, there are eight Special Interest Groups: Back to Asia , Entrepreneur, Multimedia, People-to-People Networking, Software, Telecom/Networking, Wireless, and Women In Business.

Back to Asia SIG

Back to Asia (B2A) was founded in year 2000 and has been growing ever since. With the rapid growth of the Asian markets, especially the China market and its potential, B2A SIG has played a major role to introducing resource and opportunities from Asia to members who are interested in going back to Asia and China for their business and career opportunities. B2A has successfully organized delegations of professionals and CINA members, hosted visiting groups from Asia including delegations from China , Taiwan , and Hong Kong.

Entrepreneur SIG

Entrepreneur Special Interest Group (eSIG) is the premier resource for information, education, and personal networking for entrepreneurs seeking connections and technology resources. The mission of eSIG is helping entrepreneurs transform innovative ideas into marketing leader companies. To support and promote entrepreneurship, eSIG provides an interactive forum for entrepreneurs to learn, share and enhance personal and career development. eSIG offers whole year program of seminars and workshops with topics related to early stage startup legal and financial issues, sales and marketing techniques, perspective of Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor and other financing alternatives.

Multimedia SIG

Technology in multimedia related areas has long been, and will continue to be, affecting every aspect of our lives, from entertainment to education, from communication to health care. To accommodate the vast interests on developing advanced technology and launching new markets in the field, CINA formed the multimedia and content delivery SIG in 2003. Its mission is to provide learning, expertise sharing, and networking among business and technology professionals. Topics covered in the SIG events include, but not limit to: Content Delivery, Content Analysis, Digital Rights Management, Digital Coding Techniques, Mobile Multimedia, Streaming Media Networks and Video Trend.

People to People Networking SIG

People to People Networking (P2P) SIG is a forum providing member opportunities to meet and network with other aspiring members through information exchange, relationship building, informal discussion and one-on-one with industry leaders.

Software SIG

The focus areas of the Software Special Interest Group is in the enterprise infrastructure components and technologies; such as telecommunication, database management systems, enterprise resource management systems, document repository management systems, Internet search and portal management systems. The overall goal is to introduce the software technology landscape in a bottom up approach while emphasizing those that have good potential demands. It is also a platform where group members can share their views and resources.

Telecom/Networking SIG

The mission of Telecom/Networking Special Interest Group (TeleSIG) is to create a community where entrepreneurs and professionals in telecommunication and networking industry can acquire services, products, and knowledge necessary to be leaders in their profession in a highly collaborative atmosphere.

Wireless SIG

The mission of the wireless SIG is to encourage information exchange, resource sharing and broad communication among group members; to help group members to learn emerging wireless technologies, get update-to-date wireless marketing and financial information, and develop business opportunities and to facilitate the communication between Silicon Valley and Asia wireless industry, and promote mutually beneficial entrepreneurship cross the Pacific Ocean.

Women in Business SIG

Women in Business (WIB)'s mission are to empower women to recognize their values and achieve their goals, professionally and personally. WIB provides connections, resources and opportunities for members to share ideas and learn from each other by hosting seminars, workshops and gatherings. WIB currently has about 400 members including both women and men. Topics covered in WIB events include business, marketing, public relations, leadership, management, communications, life coaching, and relationships.