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Driving the Next Wave of Change -
Growth through Innovation


September 24, 2005
Program 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Reception 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway, San Jose , CA 95110

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Conference Agenda:

12:00PM - 01:00PM

Registration & Networking

01:00PM - 01:05PM

Opening Remarks by CINA President, Vicki Young

01:05PM - 01:10PM

Conference Introduction by Conference Chair, Tom Wang

01:10PM - 01:25PM

Honorable Speaker: "Paving the Way for California's Next Generation of Innovators"
by Dr. Leland Yee, California State Assemblyman

01:25PM - 02:00PM

Keynote: "The Evolving Wireless Industry - New Applications and New Devices”
by Mr. David Hagan, President and CEO, Boingo Wireless

02:00PM - 02:35PM

Keynote: "From Smart Dust to Reliable Sensor Networks”
by Dr. Kris Pister, Founder and CTO of Dust Networks, Inventor of Smart Dust

02:35PM - 03:00PM


03:00PM - 03:35PM

Keynote: "Opportunities and Challenges in China's Supercomputing Era"
by Dr. Steven Chen, Founder and CEO, Galactic Computing, China

03:35PM - 04:35PM

Industry Leader Panel: Create Powerful Strategies - Impact the Next Wave of Change

Moderator: Mr. Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global

Mr. Ron Sege, President and CEO, Tropos Networks, Former SVP at 3Com
Mr. Michael Yang, Founder, President and CEO,, Inc., Sold to CNet for $700M
Mr. Yangbin Wang, Founder and CEO, YZTECH, a Leading IPTV Provider in China
Mr. Doug Spreng, Chairman and CEO, Ubicom, Inc., Former EVP at 3Com.
Mr. Edward Komissarchik, Co-Founder and CEO, Glenbrook Networks .

04:35PM - 05:35PM

Market Driver Panel: Be the Pioneer of the Next Wave of Change

Moderator: Dr. Eric Wang, Senior Vice President, WK Technology Fund

Mr. David Lane, Founding Managing Director, Diamondhead Ventures
Mr. Len Rand, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
Mr. Philip Wang, President, Fortunetech Partners, FVIG
Dr. Steven Chen, Founder and CEO, Galactic Computing, China

05:35PM - 05:40PM Closing Remarks by Conference Chair, Tom Wang
05:40PM - 07:00PM Reception

About Conference

We have been riding a path of technological innovation using both the Information super highway and Network applications. Revolutionary new ideas and technologies, such as 3G, VoIP, Broadband and more have influenced how we lead our lives, spend our free time and the decisions we make in our professional careers. These opportunities have created a means to take advantage of the economies of scale in a global environment. Our communication gap has narrowed and, within a few clicks, we are now in touch with our peers, colleagues and family, location being irrelevant except time zone considerations. And the thousands of miles of underwater fiber optic cable between continents now makes the ocean more like a bathtub with Beijing seemingly next door to Berkeley .

This is by no means the end, but rather the beginning of a journey of continuous learning and expansion to create powerful new forms of technology and applications and increase our know-how across multiple disciplines. The convergence of Information and Networking technologies is a driving force that has already created emerging stars in life science, nanotechnology, Internet and other ample applications.

Join us in this journey to learn from industry leaders and discover the Next Wave of Change:


Visionary Presentation - Growth Through Innovation:

Discover the Next Wave of Change



Speakers in this session are great thinkers with ideas on how and where the world is or should be evolving. The primary goal of this presentation session is to educate the audience about the next wave of change will be and the role inspired visionaries are playing in this change.

Speakers are visionaries with big picture in vision (techno, apps, regulatory atmosphere…), who will talk about the enormous changes to come in the future and that this is just the beginning, and that we have not seen yet.

Possible Topics Covered but not limited to:

  • What are the hot emerging technologies and applications, mega trend of 2005 and beyond?
  • What kind of researches is being done and what kind of applications is being developed in relation to the latest technologies? (E.g. 4G, beyond broadband, wireless VOIP, Smart Dust, IP TV, Webblog … etc)
  • How the evolution of Information and networking technology create various powerful forms?
  • What other disciplines can harness Information and Networking Application?
  • What are the new forms of applications that will be the next wave of change? 


Induestry Leader Panel - Create Powerful Strategies:

Impact the Next Wave of Change



Panelists in this session are the industry leaders who have the insightful knowledge about how to be leaders at the next wave of change. The primary goal of this session is for the audience to learn how we can impact the next wave of change with new forms of strategies and new collaborations of technologies.

Possible Topics of Discussion but not limited to:

  • What are the powerful business and R&D strategies that will impact the next wave of change?
  • What is the reality of the technologies that were promised a few years ago, including 3G, wVoIP and WiMax?
  • What is Beyond Broadband: From High-Speed and Always-on to Value-Added Services and Management? Where do we go from here?
  • What are available today and how do those impact our professionals' our daily life (e.g. mobility, smart house, intelligent workspace, ... etc)?
  • Is it hot again? Internet: Infrastructure, applications and opportunities (Webblog, VideoBlog)?
  • How to Reach and Service Your Global Customers?
  • How Powerful is Blogosphere?


Market Driver Panel – Get Energized:

Be the Pioneer of the Next Wave of Change


Panelists in this session are the market drivers who like to be the pioneers of the next wave of change. The primary goal of this to educate the audience about the challenges we are face today and learn how adapt to regulatory changes, market barriers to entry, mergers and acquisitions, a rapidly-evolving market China, operation consolidation, global expansion and globalization.

Possible Topics of Discussion but not limited to:

  • Market drivers: an industry in transformation
  • How China's Rise can help your business?
  • How to leverage the talent and resource globally?
  • Where are the VCs Investing in China ?
  • How to Create Buzz and Stay Buzzed in China ?
  • How to be the market driver under today's global environment?
  • How to create the emerging growth strategies in China and drive its rapidly evolving market?


Distinguished Speakers

Dr. Leland Yee , Speaker pro Tempore , California State Assembly

Elected to the California State Assembly in November 2002, Leland Yee represents the 12th Assembly District, which includes San Francisco and the cities of Broadmoor, Colma, and Daly City in San Mateo County . In his first year in the legislature, he was appointed to the Speaker's leadership team as the Assistant Speaker pro Tempore. In 2004, Assembly member Yee became the first Asian Pacific American to be appointed Speaker pro Tempore, the number two position in the California State Assembly. This same year, Speaker pro Tem Yee was also elected President of the National Asian Pacific American Caucus of State Legislators.


Dr. Steven Chen, Founder and CEO, Galactic Computing Ltd., a leading supercomputer company in China
Member of United States National Academy of Engineering
Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Chen is recognized throughout the high-performance computing industry as a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and premier system architect. Dr. Chen was the co-founder and Chairman/CEO of Tonbu Inc, a leading collaborative solution and service company for high-tech, electronics, health care, education, entertainment and defense industries. Before that, Dr. Chen was the EVP/CTO of Product Development and Board Director of Sequent Computer Systems, Inc., a leading provider of large enterprise servers for commercial applications, later acquired by IBM Corp. Dr. Chen initiated and guided Corporate Architecture Council that brought together many CIO's/Chief Architects of Fortune 2000 companies to exchange and establish Sequent corporate product development strategy. During the 1980's at Cray Research, Inc., Dr. Chen led his team in developing the most commercially successful parallel vector supercomputers, the Cray X-MP and Y-MP, which accounted for more than 90 percent of Cray Research's worldwide supercomputer installations and for more than $1 billion in revenue.

Within his past 30 years in the computing industry, Dr. Chen has formed many international and multi-corporation strategic partnerships and joint ventures in product and technology development. Dr. Chen serves on U.S. National Academy of Engineering and the Boards/Advisers of many high-tech companies in U.S. Silicon Valley. Dr. Chen received his BSEE degree from National Taiwan University and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Illinois .

Dr. Chen is in the list of Chinese Americans who are famous and have made significant contributions to the American Culture or society politically, artistically or scientifically, or have appeared in the news numerous times.


Dr. Kris Pister, Founder and CTO, Dust Networks.

The inventor of Smart Dust and a longtime leader in the academic wireless sensor networking community, Kris Pister co-founded Dust Networks in 2002 to deliver his vision of a commercially robust wireless sensor-networking platform. Kris is the chief architect of Dust Networks' patent pending SmartMesh(tm) technology, and also provides a strong technology vision for the company and for the wireless sensing industry- Kris is a frequent invited speaker and lecturer on wireless sensor networking and related core technologies. Previously, Kris successfully commercialized or licensed micromachine technologies with Tanner Research, OMM Inc., Xactix, and Sony. Kris holds a PhD and MS in electrical engineering and computer sciences from UC Berkeley and a BS from UC San Diego. Currently on leave as a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley - and a father of four brilliant children - he is doing his part to continue the advancement of technology in the next generations.


Mr. David Hagan, President and CEO, Boingo Wireless

David Hagan is president and CEO of Boingo Wireless, and brings to the job extensive general management, marketing and sales experience in the telecommunications and Internet markets. Dave has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the telecommunications industry with Sprint in the U.S. and Canada serving as division president and executive vice president. He was responsible for launching Sprint consumer phone service in Canada , which grew to be a $600 million business and the country¹s largest alternative long distance company. Also at Sprint, Dave launched The Most Online, the second largest ISP in Canada . Before Boingo, Dave served as CEO for FirstSource Corp. and as the President/Chief Operating Officer of Ticketmaster Online CitySearch. Dave holds an MBA from Baker University and a BS from the University of Kansas . Dave is a member of Young President's Organization and is a director on the CEA Wireless Division board.


Mr. Michael Yang, President and CEO,

Michael Yang is an entrepreneur who is passionate about developing services that help people. Michael founded April of 1998, with his partner Yeogirl Yun and served as its CEO. Michael developed the original idea and vision for mySimon and grew the company from 2 employees to 60 employees in less than a year. mySimon was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the Top 20 E-Commerce sites in 2000, and became the largest price comparison shopping site on the internet with over 10 million users. Michael and the team successfully raised $30M in venture capital investment from investors such as Brentwood , Sprout, Intel Capital, Citigroup Venture Capital and Transcomos Corporation. In February of 2000, mySimon was successfully acquired by CNET for $700M.

Previously, Michael held positions at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Intergraph Corporation, TeleVideo, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and Jazz Multimedia, Inc. Michael has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, MS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University and MBA degree from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. He has served on the advisory board of the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) at Stanford University . Michael holds a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Mr. Ron Sege, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tropos Networks

Ron Sege is President and Chief Executive Officer of Tropos Networks and has been a frequent speaker on networking financial, market and industry trends and issues at major trade shows and conferences around the world. He has over 20 years of experience managing high-growth businesses in the networking industry, with exceptional business acumen and an exemplary track record of leading businesses through remarkable growth.

Prior to joining Tropos Networks, Mr. Sege was CEO of Ellacoya Networks, which develops intelligent bandwidth management products for broadband access providers. Before Ellacoya, he served as President of U.S. Operations for Terra Lycos. Prior to joining Lycos, he spent 10 years at 3Com Corporation, most recently as Senior Vice President of one of three business units within the $6 billion revenue company. Before joining 3Com, Mr. Sege worked for ROLM Corporation through its acquisition by Siemens.

Mr. Sege holds a bachelors degree from Pomona College and an MBA from Harvard Business School .


Mr. Yangbin Wang, Founder and CEO, YZTECH, a Leading IPTV provider in China

Mr. Wang is a serial entrepreneur. He founded YZTECH in Hangzhou , China and served as its CEO. YZTECH became a leading IPTV technology provider in China with the landmark deployment of its broadband IPTV platform by Hangzhou Netcom. Yangbin has served as the CTO of Onewave Technologies following the acquisition of the IPTV business of YZTECH by Onewave in January 2004. Previously he was the founder and CEO of EnjoyWeb, which pioneered the time-shift delivery of video contents via broadband Internet. In addition, he served as Director of Software Architecture at Oak Technology's Broadband Consumer Group. Early of his career, he was a research engineer at Compression Labs and General Instrument (GI). He received his BS degree from Zhejiang University , China and MSEE degree from University of Florida , Gainesville . He also completed executive education program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Mr. Doug Spreng, Chairman and CEO, Ubicom,Inc. Former EVP at 3Com

Doug Spreng is a 35-year industry veteran who has held leadership positions with numerous high-profile fabless semiconductor companies in the communications market. He was previously president and COO at AMCC, a publicly traded communications IC company. His position at AMCC resulted from a merger between MMC Networks, a public fabless communications semiconductor company where he was president and CEO, and AMCC. Prior to his tenure at MMC Networks, Spreng was executive vice president of the Client Access Business Unit at 3Com Corporation, where he was responsible for the company's $2 billion network interface card and modem businesses. He has also held executive positions at CellNet Data Systems and Hewlett-Packard Company. Doug holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard University


Dr. Edward Komissarchik, Founder and CEO, Glenbrook Networks.

Dr. Komissarchik is a high-tech serial entrepreneur with focus on Artificial Intelligence. He founded companies in OCR, Speech, and Search. His accomplishments also include pioneering results in Chess Computing, and building Mission Critical Networking systems. Dr. Komissarchik received Masters in Mathematics from Moscow Lomonosov University, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Russian Academy of Sciences.


Mr. David Lane, Founding Managing Director, Diamondhead Ventures

For the past 25 years David Lane has created, built and financed information technology companies. During the past 18 years he has managed investment funds totaling in excess of $2 billion. In June 2000, David co-founded Diamondhead Ventures, which manages $140 million in its first fund. In 1995, David became a partner with Alpine Technology Ventures, a $72M information technology focused venture fund. Prior to joining Alpine, David spent seven years as one of the senior venture capital investment officers at the Harvard Management Company, which manages Harvard University 's $22 billion endowment. During his investment career, David has sponsored more than twenty investments in the enterprise software, communications, semiconductor and information technology services areas.

Some of David's prior venture capital investments included: Harmonic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT), TriQuint Semiconductor (TQNT), NexGen (IPO, acquired by AMD), Viewlogic Systems (IPO, acquired by Synopsis), Harbridge Merchant Services (acquired by First Data Corporation), and Mtone Wireless (IPO anticipated in 2005).

David has been interviewed on TV Tokyo and Tech TV as well as for CIO Magazine, Red Herring, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Business Times, Electronic Business, The San Jose Mercury News and Upside Magazine. He has been a speaker for the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. David has been a panel member at numerous conferences, including PricewaterhouseCoopers “Shaking the Money Tree” Conference, Mobile Insights, Deloitte and Touche's “Accelerator Business Series,” IBF's Early Stage Venture Investing Conference, and “Going Public in the New e-Conomy.”

David earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School and his BSEE from the University of Southern California .


Mr. Len Rand, Managing Director, Granite Ventures

Len Rand joined Granite Ventures in May 2002, after spending nearly three decades working inside both public and private companies. As CEO of four private companies, he successfully turned them into public entities through acquisition. Prior to joining Granite, Len was General Manager of Strategic Marketing and Global Alliances for the Intel Communications Group (ICG) at Intel Corporation.

Len joined Intel after serving as CEO and Founder of NetBoost Corporation, which was acquired by Intel Corporation in 1999. NetBoost was a developer of network processor silicon, subsystems and software development systems. Granite Ventures was a lead investor in the company. Prior to NetBoost, Len was Co-founder of Internet Middleware, Inc., an Internet proxy caching company acquired by Network Appliance, Inc. in 1997, as well as CEO of The Whitewater Group (acquired by Symantec). Len was also CEO at the Rand Group (acquired by Intergraph Corporation), and was Vice President & General Manager at both Intergraph Corporation and Autodesk, Inc.

Len has extensive technical and operational background in the semiconductor and communications industries, and focuses his investments in communications and components companies. He serves on the Boards of Directors for Cooligy, NetCell and PowerGenix.

Len holds several degrees including a B.S. degree in Building Sciences, a B.S. degree in Engineering, a BArch degree in Architecture, and an M.S. degree in Structural Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mr. Philp Wang, President, Fortunetech Partners, FVIG. One of the Earliest VC Entered China

Philip Wang has been an entrepreneur over 20 years. In 1984, he started his Local Networking and TCP/IP career with Excelan/Novell as the Engineering Manager In 1988, Phil started his own company, Network Application Technology as the founder and President to work on Routers and Network Management Software. Philip Wang joined FVIG as the US operation lead since 2000, and made many investments in the Silicon Valley , Taiwan and China . Currently, he is on the board of Spreadrum, WISchip. Mr. Wang received his MS in Mathematics from University of Illinois .


The Industry Leader Panel Moderator

Mr. Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global

Mt. Tatsuno is principal of Dreamscape Global, a Silicon Valley market research and corporate strategy consultancy, which was founded in 1989.  He is co-founder of several Silicon Valley startups and Executive VP of Unico Pictures Entertainment, a new Latino TV/film studio in Los Angeles . A graduate of Yale and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Tatsuno worked at Bechtel in civil infrastructure planning, international project financing, and environmental assessment.  He co-founded Dataquest's Japan and Asian semiconductor groups and served as industry liaison manager at Stanford University 's U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center .  Mr. Tatsuno is the author of two books produced for television:  The Technopolis Strategy (Prentice-Hall, 1986) and Created in Japan   (HarperCollins, 1990).  

 This conference offers you learning, discussion and networking among thought leaders, corporate executives, and successful veteran entrepreneurs. The conference will detail the framework of today's business environment and discuss the big issues facing industry and entrepreneurs. Panel discussions will focus on business ecosystems in networking, software, Internet, wireless, emerging technologies and investment landscaping.

The Market Driver Panel Moderator

Dr. Eric Wang, Senior Vice President, WK Technology Fund

Dr. Eric Wang is a Senior Vice President at WK Technology Fund and manages WK Technology Fund's U.S. operations. Eric is a Director at iPolicy Networks, Brion Technologies, Allegro Manufacturing, LedEngin, and he also led the investment effort in Aruba Networks, Video 54 Networks, and TiVo Greater China. Eric joined WK in 2002 from ABN AMRO Bank, where he served as Senior Vice President and Global Head of Semiconductor Research. During that time, he and his research team were highly ranked in Asia in their category by institutional investor surveys. Previous to that, Eric worked as a yield management engineer for KLA-Tencor. Eric holds a Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research.


Conference Chair

Tom Wang , Venture Partner, PTI Ventures

Mr. Wang is a venture partner of PTI Ventures. Before joining PTI, Wang served as president of Pulse Metric, Inc., a medical device company in San Diego . Wang also served as president of Genoa Systems in Silicon Valley and a senior vice president of Shanghai Nortel Semiconductor in China . From 1991 to 1995, Wang was the founder and president of NEO Group, a high-tech market research and consulting company in Silicon Valley . Prior to NEO, Wang was the founder and director of Dataquest's Asian Group, where he heavily involved in the semiconductor industry development in Korea , Taiwan , and China . Wang also held the positions of applications manager and corporate market research manager in National Semiconductor and hardware/firmware engineer in various high-tech companies in Silicon Valley . Mr. Wang received MSEE from San Jose State University and a MBA degree from Golden Gate University and completed his graduate courses towards EECS Ph.D degree in University of California , Berkeley.

What Does This Conference Offer?

This conference offers you learning, discussion and networking among thought leaders, corporate executives, and successful veteran entrepreneurs. The conference will detail the framework of today's business environment and discuss the big issues facing industry and entrepreneurs. Panel discussions will focus on business ecosystems in networking, software, Internet, wireless, emerging technologies and investment landscaping.

Why You Should Attend CINACON 2005?

  • Hear compelling keynotes from luminaries and benefit from their insights
  • Get the knowledge you need from world leaders in technology and business
  • Interact with expert panelists and presenters in candid discussions
  • Understand how global consumerism is driving innovation and impacting business

Who Should Attend CINACON 2005?

IT & Telecom professionals and business managers, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of marketing, sales and business development, VCs, Angel Investors, Investment Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Students, Professional service providers, system integrators and consultants.


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